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I've been reading Tarot for more than 10 years & I'm bringing my no holds barred style to the masses. Choose from a mini Lenormand Spread of 1-3 cards, a single Tarot card, or a 3 card Tarot spread!

The Tarot is great for getting you thinking about the emotional roots of troubles you're encountering, helping you see your path, & generally dragging you when you're not listening to your inner knowledge.

The Lenormand is great for giving more tangible action plans & timelines.

As always, neither is gonna tell you *exactly* what to do, but they can help clear some shit up!

The spread of your choosing tailored to your specific question & pulled by a card reader & witch with more than a decade of experience (that would be ME).
A photo of your spread.
A written report emailed to you outlining WTF these cards are saying anyway.

A single card Tarot spread is great for illuminating the energy around your current situation, & getting a feel for what's brewing right now.

A 3 card Tarot spread is great for getting an overview of a situation. It can help you look at the roots of the issue, where you're currently at, & where you are headed should you stay on this path. A perfect way to get an objective assessment of your current situation.

The Lenormand can help you check up on what's coming down the pipeline in your life, or how a decision will affect shit. Great for when you want more tangible answers.

For Tarot I read with the Smith-Waite (aka Rider Waite) deck. For Lenormand I read with either the Gypsy Witch deck or the Pixie's Astounding Lenormand deck (it's the Pixie deck in the picture).